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The Exclusive George Foreman Roaster Review

The Exclusive George Foreman Roaster Review

George Foreman GV5 Roaster and Contact Cooker

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Would you love to make tender juicy roasted chicken, pork or lamb at home? I love cooking meat this way, but in the oven it never turns out as tender and juicy as what you get from a restaurant. Well, I found the George Foreman GV5 Roaster and now make incredible roasted meat and vegetable dinners without fear of burning anything.

If you have a George Foreman grill, then you know how great the products from his line of kitchen appliances are. The roaster (official name: George Foreman GV5 Lean Mean Contact Roaster) is just one more easy way to prepare healthy delicious food for your family like you can with the GF grills.

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How It Works

The George Foreman Roaster has surround-sound style cooking with upper and lower heating elements. This means it can roast a chicken (or other roasts of 5 lbs or less) very quickly. With the non-stick aluminum coating, preheat indicator, and 2 ½ hour countdown timer it’s pretty much idiot proof.

Just turn it on and let it preheat while you rub some spices or seasoning on your chicken or roast, then plop it into the roaster. Add some chunked up veggies like potatoes, carrots, celery, whatever, and close the lid. Yes, it’s really that easy.

Unlike cooking in an oven (which makes the kitchen hot and uses a lot more energy) you don’t have to worry about drying out or burning the bird. Every single thing I have roasted in my GF roaster has been cooked to tender and juicy perfection.

As the meat roasts the fat and juices drain away through a small hole in the bottom of the roaster into an included drip pan. The unit comes with two of them and for really fatty meats you may have to empty it half-way through.

More Than Just Roasts

What is so great about the roaster is that you can do more than just roast lamb or pot roast. The GF roaster comes with an extra baking tray for cooking things like casseroles, corn bread, brownies and even cakes. Again, you don’t have to heat up the oven and then worry about anything burning. Set the timer, walk away, come back to delicious perfectly cooked food.

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Clean Up

George Foreman GV5 Roaster and Contact Cooker - Open

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The worst part of using a regular pan in the oven to roast anything is the mess. Soaking then scrubbing a pan full of burnt meat residue always made me dread roasting anything too often. With my George Foreman Roaster that is not an issue.

The interior of the roaster is non-stick aluminum. Once the food is removed you just let it cool then use a wet paper towel to remove any remaining bits stuck inside. A cleaning spatula comes with the roaster making it a snap to scrape out any residue and have it clean and shiny for the next meal.

Tips For Using Your Roaster

Here is my advice for the safest and best way to use the GF roaster.

  • Don’t try to stuff anything bigger than five pounds in it
  • Invest in some cooking twine to tie up the legs of chickens or Cornish game hens
  • Never ever try to pick up or move the roaster with your bare hands while it’s cooking. Use pot holders or you’ll get a nasty burn
  • Save the juices and fat run-off to make gravy or your own beef or chicken stock
  • Spray the extra baking tray with a little cooking spray for brownies cakes or cornbread which seem to stick a little (sometimes)
  • Follow the included instructions and you will get great results
The Exclusive George Foreman Roaster Review
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"...more than just a roaster" <---- Did you see that? This beast together with my Champ Grill - what more do I need (oh, maybe I'll need the rotisserie, Quesadilla and a few others too since I have a family with very different likes and dislikes). Still love this one though, definitely recommended for those roasts and a bunch of other stuffies it easily takes care of...

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Good Products That Last

I have had my George Foreman grills for years and they still cook like the champ himself. One is an original fixed plate grill that is eight years old! I also have one with removable plates that makes waffles and quesadillas that I have been cranking out great meals with for five years now. I anticipate my George Foreman GV5 Roaster will also last as long.

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