George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Review

George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Grill

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I am a lousy cook. The George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration grill helps me keep that a dirty little secret from my kids. I churn out fantastic meals using this grill for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My George Foreman GRP90WGR review will let you in on what this awesome grill can do for you and how to to get the most from it.

Lots Of Bells And Whistles

This is one of the most compact, yet versatile GF grills, perfect for a family of four, like mine. The GRP90WGR comes with lots of great features including:

  • 5 Removable Grill Plates
    • 2 grill
    • 2 waffle
    • 1 griddle/bake
  • Timer
  • Temperature Control
  • Drip Tray
  • Spatula
  • Soft Cleaning Sponge

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Like all George Foremans the grill plates have a non-stick coating and handles that stay cool to the touch.

Breakfast Lunch And Dinner Is Served

George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Grill - Demo 1

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You can really use the George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration to prepare food for every meal. This one countertop grill replaces your griddle, waffle iron and most of your frying pans. Let’s start with breakfast.

Waffles are a family favorite and they are so easy on the GRP90WGR grill. I can whip up two square waffles in about three minutes. One of our favorite meals is to cook up a stack and then use them to make waffle sandwiches with a layer of peanut butter and bananas. I plop the waffle sandwich back on the grill (brush it with butter first) and then the kids drown the them (with gooey peanut butter and banana) in syrup or honey. If they are running late for school I can wrap it in tinfoil and it’s a portable breakfast as well.

We also love pancakes and French toast which we make on the griddle/bake plate and you can make scrambled or cook over-easy eggs on it in a flash. I even made chocolate chip cookies on the griddle plate and they turned out perfectly; evenly cooked, crispy, but not burned, like they always do in the oven.

Lunch is just as easy with the GF GRP90WRG grill. A hot toasted cheese sandwich is ready in minutes with the bread lightly toasted and the cheese melted evenly between the slices. If the cheese gets on the grill it’s easy to scrape right off into the drip tray, too. The kids love the way the bread gets flattened a little and presses all the good stuff between the slices together. We add deli ham or tomato slices and then dip the warm sandwich in honey mustard dressing.

Dinner is a stressful time in our household because everyone is tired and starving after a long day, and I am not in the mood to spend an hour cooking the meal. With my George Foreman Next Grilleration and a little pre-preparation, dinner is ready in about ten minutes.

Four chicken breasts can be cooked all at once in about six minutes. I put the chicken on, whip up a salad or heat a side dish in the microwave while they are cooking and dinner is served. While the kids clear the table I wipe the grill clean with a paper towel (a soft high quality brand) put some pineapple rings on it and in about three minutes have warm slices with fun grill marks on them. I top them with vanilla ice cream and maybe drizzle of chocolate sauce and dessert is delish!

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Easy To Use and Clean

George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Grill - Demo 2

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You will find yourself firing up the GF GRP90WGR grill several days a week and be glad to have such an all-in-one appliance that doesn’t take up that much counter space. With 72 inches of cooking space it can make plenty at one time for a family of four.

The single best feature on this grill is the removable plates that you can easily hand wash in hot water with the soft cleaning sponge included with it, or scrape off the big chunks that stick with the plastic spatula and put the plates, spatula and drip pan into the dishwasher.

Maintaining Your Grill

Before I bought this grill I read that the non-stick coating didn’t last. I have not found that to be true. It’s very good, but not perfect and things still stick sometimes. I advise you to brush the grill with olive oil or butter before grilling meats, and sandwiches or vegetables. This adds flavor to the food anyway. For pancakes and waffles I use a cooking spray and everything slides right off the grill or out of the waffle iron.

If you hand wash the grill plates most of the time instead of putting them in the dishwasher the non-stick coating will last longer. I only put mine in the dishwasher after making greasy bacon on it. Otherwise I wipe it with the sponge and use hot water to rinse it clean.

George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Review
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We just love the many different uses this version has. Did we mention the ton of extras included in the box? Definitely worth the purchase - big yay from us!

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George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Grill - Closeup

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Since I started using my George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration grill to prepare most meals I hardly burn anything anymore. The pancakes are fluffy, bread is lightly toasted and crisp, vegetables are cooked thoroughly, but not mushy, and the kids think I am the best cook in the world. At only $113 this grill was the best purchase I ever made for my kitchen.

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