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The Best George Foreman GRP144 Family Size Grill Review

The Best George Foreman GRP144 Family Size Grill Review

George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size Grill

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The George Foreman line of indoor electric grills has really expanded in the last 10 years to offer models in many different sizes and shapes. One of the biggest changes to the original models is the removable grill plates that make cleanup a lot faster and easier after you cook on them.

Being able to remove the plates does have some disadvantages and why I am recommending the George Foreman GRP144 Family Size Grill for certain households. In this review I will cover the best features on this grill, how to cook on it the most efficiently, and finally, how to easily clean it up even without being able to remove the grill plates.

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The Beast

The George Foreman GRP144 grill is a beast! It boasts 144 square inches of cooking space and can cook up to nine servings at once. When you drag it into the house and open up the box, here is what you’ll find:

  1. The huge grill
    • sloped design to drain fat away from meat
    • non-stick coating on the top and bottom grill plates
    • pre-heat indicator light
  2. Extras
    • 2 dishwasher safe drip trays
    • 2 plastic spatulas

Fixed Grill Plate vs. Removable Grill Plates

As I mentioned before, the original model GF grills had fixed grill plates. Newer models have removable grill plates and many models have different types to do more than just grill. You can find models with a quesadilla or waffle grill plate, too, for example.

The main difference between the plates is the way they heat up and how fast they cook. It’s been my experience that grills with removable plates don’t get as hot and cook as evenly. They cook very well, don’t get me wrong, but if you are a grill perfectionist like me, you will appreciate the fixed grill plates on the GF GRP144.

George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size Grill - Left View

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Plug in this grill and in eight minutes it is hot, hot and ready to cook (removable plates need longer to heat up.) The 144 inches of cooking surface are evenly heated, too. This means all the burgers, steaks or an entire London Broil are cooked evenly.

Sometimes on the removable grill plates the burger at the top left is undercooked while the ones in the middle are starting to burn. Most people can work around this, but I like fast even cooking when it comes to an expensive filet mignon.

The fixed grill plates cook really, really fast. You must be an attentive griller or you will incinerate your food. Read the enclosed booklet about approximate grilling times and then shave a minute or two off of the recommended time. Stay near the grill and check the food often.

To get the best results cooking on your GF GRP144:

  • Plug it in and let it preheat for 8-10 minutes using the indicator light to determine when the grill is ready to cook on
  • Defrost the food you cook on it, at least partly. Frozen does not cook as well, I have found.
  • The non-stick coating is good and lasts, but for best results and easier clean up brush the grill with olive or canola oil (butter with toasted cheese sandwiches) before you place non-fatty meats like lean steaks, chicken breasts or vegetables. Bacon and burgers are fatty enough and don’t stick as badly.
  • Monitor your food carefully, especially fish, which is easy to overcook in just two or three minutes.

Once you get the hang of cooking on the GF GR144 you will absolutely love it! It can replace your outdoor grill. The taste of the food cooked on it is as good as anything cooked over an open flame.

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How To Clean Your Grill

George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size Grill - Front

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Since you can’t soak the grill plates in hot water or put them in the dishwasher I’ll share with the best way to clean your grill. It’s not that difficult really, if you follow these simple steps:

  1. When you are done cooking don’t shut the grill off immediately. Steaks, burgers or a London Broil all need to sit for a minute before you eat them anyway, so set them aside and start the cleanup on the grill. Get a paper towel and fold it in 4ths. Use it to carefully slide food residue down into the drip tray.
  2. For tough bits that burned use the included plastic spatulas to loosen them up and scrape down into the drip tray.
  3. Turn off the grill and let it cool for a couple of minutes while you put dinner on the table. Then, just before you eat get a couple of paper towels wet, wring them out really well and lay them on the grill. Close the lid and the water in the towels will steam clean the plates while you enjoy dinner.
  4. Use the damp paper towels to finish cleaning off the grill.

It’s really that easy.

Who Is The George Foreman GRP144 Family Size Grill Best For?

George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size Grill - Right View

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I really love this grill and highly recommend it to anyone with a large family. It cooks up a burger or sandwich for everyone at once so you are not cooking in shifts and eating alone because everyone else has dined and dashed while you were still slaving over the grill.

This grill is great for an outdoor gathering where there is an electrical outlet available. The cord is really short in relation to how huge this grill is, so, when you roll with it outside the home, bring a good extension cord.

One of the best uses of this grill is to cook up a week’s worth of chicken breasts. You can also avoid wasting energy heating up the whole oven to cook a big roast and sear it to perfection in half the time on the GF GRP144.

The Best George Foreman GRP144 Family Size Grill Review
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Huge and not as easy to find a spot for storage, but it's durable and it simply lasts. Besides, one of its best uses is to cook up a week's worth of chicken breasts - for that you DO need something HUGE! Yay from us, no doubt.

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My last reason to get the this grill is it is durable and lasts. This is my second one because I gave the one I bought nine years ago to my son when he got married. It was a little grungy and some of the non-stick coating had worn off in a couple of spots, but it still cooks like the champ, George Foreman!

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